Preserve Biodiversity, Preserve the Planet


Our food system is becoming increasingly industrialized. Every year, more family farms are disappearing and being replaced by factory farms.

The result?
More than 90% of crop varieties have disappeared from farmers’ fields. Half of the breeds of many domestic animals have been lost. Just 3 companies process more than 70% of all U.S. beef

More than 70% of large fish species have been over-fished in the past century, with many fish populations virtually becoming extinct. More than 80% of corn and 90% of soybean seeds are now patented by just one company. This approach to food is unhealthy for us and for the environment. It disconnects us from our cultural food traditions, and presents a serious threat to the future of our food supply. Rich biodiversity is crucial to our food security. Without it, just one new virus or pest could decimate an entire plant or animal species – leaving us vulnerable to famine and destroying our planet’s environmental stability.

via Slow Food USA: Biodiversity.

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