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A Better World Cafe

This social enterprise, a partnership between Elijah’s Promise and Who Is My Neighbor? Inc., hopes to make healthy eating accessible and affordable for all. A Better World Cafe follows a community cafe model pioneered by Denise Cerreta of One World Everybody Eats in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This new kind of cafe reduces food waste, since customers choose their own portion sizes. It reduces trash because it does not use Styrofoam cups, plastic utensils, or paper plates. And it helps global neighbors because the coffees and teas are fairly traded. The  cafe uses seasonal foods–grown, cooked, and served in ways that make sense for the environment and for the customer’s budget.

  • You select your portions and pay a fair price through one of the following options:
  • You may pay the suggested price or something better. If you pay more, you will help feed someone else who has more limited resources.
  • You may volunteer an hour of time in exchange for a meal.
  • You may dine on the complimentary dish of the day if you can neither pay nor volunteer.
  • You may use the complimentary dish as one of your selections when you are selecting multiple items, to help keep your total cost down.

A Better World Cafe has its own website! Please visit www.betterworldcafe.org for more information. Also, you can follow the cafe’s Facebook page by clicking on the link below.

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