Slow Food USA Letter to Senate and House Committees on the Food and Farm Bill

Slow Food Food and Farm Bill Letter to Senate and House Committees


The Food and Farm Bill is the single greatest influence on what we eat. It determines how billions are spent shaping our food system, from producer to eater. And, while we spend  those billions, we know that diet-related diseases, obesity and diabetes, are at an all‐time high, and, in a seeming paradox, hunger persists in our nation. And, we know that our food system is dominated by a handful of large corporations that put our family farmers and ranchers, our health and well-being, and our environment at risk.
Attached is an important letter from Josh and all of our Regional Governors to the leaders of the House and Senate Ag Committees about the new Food and Farm Bill. In the letter, Josh, on behalf of our 225,000 supporters, nation-wide, states, “We believe that everyone, every day, should be able to eat food that is good for them, good for producers, and good for the planet. The next Food and Farm Bill has the potential to make that vision a reality, and, as leaders of the Senate and House agriculture committees, you have the opportunity to help move national farm and food policies in the right direction.” Josh continues, ”We urge you to consider…(our) principles and supporting actions that, when enacted, will: ‘promote a health-focused food system, help end hunger, and provide all with access to healthy food; create a level plowing field for family farmers and ranchers and help create vibrant, regional farm and food economies; and promote good environmental stewardship, preserving our agricultural land and water resources for future generations.’“ I am proud that Josh and all the Governors signed this letter. In the coming weeks, the House and Senate will be working on the next Food and Farm Bill. I believe that our voices can help make our food system better, cleaner, and fairer. I will keep you all posted as events unfold, letting you know when your chapter’s members and supporters might weigh in.


-Edwin Yowell NY/NJ Regional Governor at Slow Food