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  1. Hi,

    I am a student employee at the Hamilton College Career Center. We have a lot of students from the New Jersey area, I was wondering if you have any summer internships available??

  2. Hello,
    I am a student at the University of Michigan interested in pursuing a career in public health and nutrition. I will be home for the summer and I was wondering if there are any summer internship/volunteer positions available. Thanks so much!


  3. Hello-

    My name is Jason Schwartz and I am a frequenter to Chef Weaver’s TreBar in Princeton Forrestal Village (to everyone out there reading this, head-on over for great (half-priced wines on Fridays) and excellent small plates (the meatballs are killer!).

    Wanted to touch base with either one of you about an idea I had similar to ‘City Harvest’ but that utilizes leftovers to feed the needy and hungry. Please send an email to my address above so that I can explain it and then you (being in restaurant biz) can provide your 2 cents.

    thank you,


  4. Hi:

    I’m an MBA student at Baruch College focusing on sustainability. I’m putting together a feasibility plan for starting a closed loop indoor shrimp farm and eco garden in Barnegat / Atlantic City location. No carbon footprint, no antibiotics, no chemicals, sustainable. I would like to connect with some chefs and members to see if there is any interest in this project? We’d offer fresh, head on, never frozen shrimp, delivered same or within 1 day of order.

  5. Hello,

    I am studying Special/Elementary Education and Environmental Studies at Seton Hall University. I recently started researching the Slow Food Movement, and wanted to join a local chapter. In addition, I wanted to start a Slow Food Club at my University in the Fall semester. Would I be allowed to create a club? In addition, would all the members of the club have to gain memberships from local chapters, or could it be education based?
    Please let me know. I am looking forward to joining a local chapter, and eager to spread the Slow Food Movement throughout Seton Hall.

    Thank you,
    Bianca S

    • Hello Bianca.

      I am chapter leader of Slow Food Northern NJ, which is the closest Slow Food chapter to Seton Hall. We would love for you to join our chapter. We have a foraging walk in South Mountain Reservation coming up in September and a farm-to-table dinner in October.

      You can reach me at 973-762-4935.


      Julia Lawlor
      Slow Food Northern NJ

  6. Hello! I’ve been interested in getting more involved with Slow Food and was wondering if there are any meetings/info sessions. I live in Ewing, so I think the Central Jersey Slow Food chapter is the closest one…Thanks!

    • Hi Colleen,

      Slow Food Central Jersey is mostly active at running the West Windsor Farmers Market and the Slow Food Winter Marketss at this time. You may be interested in connecting with Slow Food Rutgers, I believe that they hold weekly meetings. You can find them on Facebook or if you search for them on the internet.

      Let us know how it goes,

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