Slow Food International — GMOs
Slow Food is against the commercial planting of genetically modified crops (GMOs) and promotes GMO-free food and feed. Slow Food President Carlo Petrini clarifies the reasons why Slow Food does not support GMOs in the document 10 Reasons to Say no to GMOs.
GMOs present a threat to the precautionary principle: We are capable of transplanting a gene from one species to another but we are not yet able to predict or contain the results, creating yet another risk for biodiversity and the environment. Furthermore, current scientific research is inadequate to demonstrate the safety of GMOs for human or animal health…read more

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OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto: Will Farmers Receive Justice? New York, New York – January, 31 2012 – It was standing room only as family farmers from around North America filled Federal Court Judge Naomi Buchwald’s courtroom in Manhattan on Tuesday, January 31.  The topic was the landmark organic community lawsuit OSGATA et al v. Monsanto and the Oral Argument Monsanto’s pre-trial motion to dismiss which it filed last July….read more

The Green Plate Blog Dragging Monsanto to Justice

School Food, GMOs and CAFOs

Safe & Healthy School Food Coalition/NYC

5 thoughts on “GMOs

  1. I would love to join and support the education of non-gmo food. do you know how i could contribute to this issue? Thank you so much!

  2. I am really interested in fighting against GMOs and its proliferation right here in central NJ. Many, many of our local farmers are turning to GMO crops and some are very close to our homes and schools. I also would like to get information on how to make our school lunches less GMO and more local and healthy. This is a great organization and I don’t think a lot of people know it exists!!

  3. Kara, I share your concern regarding school lunches. I have 2 children in school and wake up early to make lunches for them to ensure they eat well. Unfortunately, many other parents are unaware of the consequences of eating GMO foods. You may be interested in supporting the following organizations:

    For issues related to school lunches:
    Farm to School Network:

    To help spread the word on GMO’s contact Food and Water Watch. Connect with them and you’ll get GMO news hot off the press, ready for sharing.

    And my favorite form of activism is supporting local sustainable farms. The Northeast Organic Farmers Association in New Jersey (NOFA-NJ) provides a wealth of information on organic food resources. And its not just for farmers! It’s for foodies, gardeners, activists…anyone who eats! Here’s a free NOFA-NJ open house event: . You may also be interested in the NOFA-NJ Fall Harvest dinner with speaker Gary Hirshberg, owner of Stonyfield Farms Yogurt an advocate of labeling genetically engineered foods.

  4. Theresa,

    Thanks for your reply. I am actually starting an organic school garden at my son’s school this spring. I love the farm to school network and I will be looking into this as we build our garden!! Thanks!!! Kara

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