National Farmers Market Week August 3-9

Photo from Slow Food USA

Photo from Slow Food USA

National Farmers Market Week kicks off this Sunday, August 3 and runs through Saturday, August 9. I hope you will join me for this year’s celebration at your local market.

Of all food system innovations in the U.S. in the last 20 years, the resurgence of farmers markets may represent the most public expression of growing community via food.

When you head to the farmers market this week, I encourage you to go Slow and:

Talk with the farmers. Thank your farmers. Take this week to thank them for their commitment to the land, for their labor, and for coming to market.

Have a “Meatless Monday.” With countless tasty recipes and an interactive community, our friends at Meatless Monday make it easier than ever to give up meat one day a week, saving us money and cutting back on water and fossil fuels. Less meat on Mondays means you can have “better meat” (PDF) on other days.

Eat “ugly” fruits and vegetables. Imperfect fruits and veggies should not go to waste. When you see them at markets, purchase them for canning, roasting etc. If you don’t seem them at market, inquire. Your farmer might not realize there is a demand for what chefs call “seconds.” Encourage “ugly” at your market.

See you at the market,

Richard McCarthy Executive Director Slow Food USA

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