Princeton Farmers’ Market – Home



PRINCETON FARMERS MARKET                           

Winter markets:   March 14,  April 11 from 11am to 5pm
Inside the Community Room of


55 Witherspoon Street                             

Located in the center of walkable, interesting and welcoming downtown Princeton

Outdoor weekly market on Hinds Plaza

Opens Thursday, May 16th, from 11am to 4pm


The Princeton Farmers Market offers the community a wonderful variety of vegetables, fruits, grassfed poultry and meats, eggs, cheeses, honey, fresh juices, breads, flowers, and vegan/gluten free snacks. All of our farmers are local and only sell what they grow themselves. All our breads, baked goods, and other products are freshly made using healthy ingredients and include connections with our local farmers. No commercial mixes are allowed to be used. Supporting your local farmers and thereby knowing where your food comes from assures the safety and sustainability of what you buy. Come and enjoy our market–sitting at the tables under an umbrella, listening to the music at noontime, feeling a part of the community, and taking home all the rich tasting fresh edibles.

For more information, visit:  Princeton Farmers’ Market – Home.

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