The NOFA NJ Be a part of bringing local food back into our communities! This is important to everyone who loves real food!

NOFA-New Jersey promotes local, organic agricultural products, for healthy environments and healthy communities. The demand for local, organic foods is high. But New Jersey farmers are retiring and all over the state, development continues to push out dwindling farmland. This is not a good situation. But we are doing SOMETHING about it.

We’re launching the Beginning Farmer Incubator Program at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ with the help of the USDA Beginning Farmer & Rancher Development Program Grant, bringing small scale farming back to New Jersey by helping train new farmers.

We’re taking an old barn that hasn’t been used for farming in 20 years and turning it into The Center for Working Lands, with a cooler, a wash station for fresh greens, and all the farming equipment.

The first $15,000 we raise pays for the basics. With $50,000 we’ll be able to add a greenhouse to raise tender annuals, we can irrigate the fields, and get the equipment that’s at the heart of a sustainable, organic farm operation.

via The NOFA NJ Beginner Farmer Incubator by Eve Minson — Kickstarter.

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