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37Genetically modified food labeling

Here’s the doc: Proposition 37

If it passes
Proposition 37 would require raw and processed food that has been produced entirely or in part through genetic engineering to be clearly labeled as such on the front package or, if there is no package or label, on the shelf or bin where it is displayed for sale.

It would require retailers to ensure that food offered for sale is correctly labeled or document that the product is exempt. Restaurant food and other food that is intended for immediate consumption would be exempt. Products from animals that may have consumed genetically engineered food but were not themselves genetically engineered would be exempt.

It would ban the word “natural” and similar words from being used on genetically engineered food labeling and advertising. State and local governments and private parties could sue to enforce the measure.

— Los Angeles Times

Proposition 37 go to Prop. 37 – 2012 Voter Guide – Data Desk – Los Angeles Times.

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