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Iconic Organic Industry Giants Missing in Action

Thursday, September 13th, 2012
UPDATE: We are pleased to report that Stonyfield Organic’s Gary Hirshberg contacted us and made a personal contribution and committed to supporting the Yes on 37 California ballot initiative. We are happy to remove him from the updated Missing in Action poster. For more details, click here.

Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Hain Celestial AWOL in GMO Food Labeling Fight

Sacramento, CA – Major players in the organic food market have been conspicuously silent in what has become the food fight of the decade.  This November, voters in California will have the opportunity to approve a ballot initiative (Proposition 37) that would require the labeling of all food products containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients, commonly called GMOs

Major agribusiness and biotechnology corporations, like Monsanto, and food manufacturers, like Pepsico and General Mills, are spending tens of millions of dollars in their effort to deny the consumer’s right-to-know what they are eating.

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