Raíces Eco-Culture Sustainability Series: Will Allen-Visionary Farmer

Presentation and discussion led by Raíces Eco-Culture Group Member Ellen Rosner.Will Allen grew up with whose parents who fled the South in the Great Migration to escape a life of sharecropping. Growing up, although poor, his family had a plot of land of their own, and so always had enough to eat. As an adult, Will never forgot the taste of fresh food, and the satisfaction of growing and harvesting it ones self. He left a career as a successful executive with the goal of bringing fresh produce to low-income people. This is the story of how – starting out selling vegetables off the back of his truck – he created an urban food network that today distributes food across seven states, produces 40 tons of vegetables a year, and provides a serious challenge to the industrial agricultural system. This 2008 recipient of the MacArthur Genius Grant, shows us how urban farming can not only provide a solution to our ecological and energy crisis, but can also lead us back to a time of community, sustainability and self-respect.Come learn about what one man has done to make an impact on his own community and dialogue about ways we can implement projects and programs to provide and support fresh, local, healthy food in our own community.Meetings are free and open to the public. Refreshments available for purchase from Ruthies Bagel Dish. Please support the local business that is supporting Raíces and our Eco-Culture Community.Please help spread the word so our dialogue can grow read more

via Raíces Eco-Culture Sustainability Series: Will Allen-Visionary Farmer.

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