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Community Composting at Cherry Grove Farm

We at Cherry Grove Farm stumbled across a little-known, yet significant fact: the Environmental Protection Agency states that food waste in the United States is the number-one filler of our landfills! Ecocentric’s blog post 18 Little-Know Facts That Will Motivate You to Cut Back on Food Waste explains that “[b]etween on quarter and one half of the more than 590 billion pounds of food produced each year in the United States is squandered during the farm-to-table supply chain.” That is 147.5 to 295 BILLION pounds of food each year—enough, says Ecocentric, to fill the Rose Bowl stadium one to two times every day! Even the visual description is difficult to wrap your brain around.

Arming ourselves with the facts, we have decided to go into battle against this mind-boggling number by starting a Community Compost Site on the farm. We know it will be a small operation, but hey—it only take one drop of water to send ripples across the surface a pond!

To accomplish our goal of composting on a larger scale, we sought the help of our friend Dhara, a high-school student who is well educated in the fine art of composting. Dhara earned her Gold Award for the Girl Scouts of America by setting up 10 compost bins for people and organizations in her community. Even after completing her project, she continues to spread the word about this amazing way to turn household waste into what she calls “black gold.” Dhara helped us set up three different composting piles: an open pile, one made out of shipping pallets, and an Earth Machine, which her family is lending us. Check out Dhara’s blog, The Black Gold, to learn more about her hard work!

Bring yourselves and your food waste from 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday, September 2nd for the Grand Opening! Drop-off will be every Sunday thereafter from 10 am to 2 pm. There will be 2 drop-off bins on the farm where you can deposit your food waste from the week. Here is a list of what is acceptable to bring: click  Community Composting at Cherry Grove Farm | Cherry Grove Farm.

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