The Yoga of Foraging: Finding Wild Medicines and Foods–Princeton Center Yoga and Health

Learn the inspirational yoga of learning and connecting with the edible and medicinal plants surrounding you wherever you go. Dan threads the many perspectives of spiritual practice, foraging, survival, ayurveda, and herbalism to guide you to a deeper connection and self reliance on the magic of nature that resides everywhere. This class will plug you in to recognizing eden in all places through learning about the abundance of healing, organic, local foods, and fresh medicines, that are collectively known as weeds. You will sample many tasty delicious foods great for salads, sauteing, raw recipes, and making breads out of the plants common to the suburban sprawl and forest that leave you healthy, self reliant, and feeling abundant energy!

via The Yoga of Foraging finding wild medicines and foods : Princeton Center Yoga and Health.

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