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Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA-NJ) is dedicated to supporting sustainable food and agriculture in New Jersey through education, technical assistance, and policy action.

News Bites

Farmland owners invited to attend informational meetings on leasing
NOFA-NJ and the State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC), the administrators of NJ’s Farmland Preservation Program, are teaming up to address this issue. The SADC operates the Farm Link Program, an online listing that helps to connect farm owners with farmers seeking access to farmland and farming opportunities. Attend A Meeting In Your Region!

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey Encourages a New Generation of Farmers
NOFA-NJ Incubator Farm Program Set to Debut in Hillsborough, NJ. A new program designed to provide a helping hand for beginning farmers is set to debut in the coming year that will create a network of solutions to a complex issue – too few beginning farmers and not enough access to farmland. Read the full article here.

2012 Permaculture Design Course
Instructor Wayne Weiseman, Director of the Permaculture Project LLC, teaches 8 days of experiential and hands-on Permaculture training; it is about designing ecological human habitats and food production systems to attain a working understanding in ecologically-based planning, site design and management.  Sign up today to take advantage of our best Early Bird Discounts!

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop
Shiitake Mushrooms have long been recognized for their health promoting properties and have in recent years become a favorite addition to American cuisine. Consumers are becoming increasing aware of the importance of “eating local”, and shiitake mushrooms can be one of the most sustainable foods in your diet – you can grow them at home! Attend a Mushroom Cultivation Workshop at Back-to-Nature Home & Garden Center in Basking Ridge on Saturday, June 9th at 10:30 AM.  Registration is required.

NOFA-NJ An Overview of Organic Certification {Click To Watch the Video}

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