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Our compost
Our objectives extend beyond making a profit as an agricultural business.  We see our role as a catalyst of change for the common good.

Through our business, we hope to:
Promote improved eating and nutritional habits among our fellow citizens and to do so at prices which help our customers financially.   This is not only good for us from the perspective of business competitiveness, but it is also good for our customers.  As our customers gain more knowledge about the qualities and benefits of more natural diets, we hope they will change their diets and improve their own health and that of their families.

This will have a direct and beneficial effect on the health costs our society and its members face as we go through these challenging times.  Less disease and treatment costs translate into lower medical expenditures from the average citizen’s budget, and also less burden on our governments both state and federal in those areas.

That is the personal and societal benefit of the food aspect of our business.  But there is another aspect which goes hand and glove with the issues of the health benefits of food.  That is the aspect of having and/or developing healthy living habits.

Through the Community Activities we plan on our farm, we hope to encourage better living habits among our customers.  Physical exercise and general fitness are crucial to developing and maintaining improved health and is directly affected by the healthfulness of the food we eat.  On our farm, activities and festivals that allow people to participate in fun, fulfilling physical activities and cause them to exert energy and burn calories will be provided and facilitated.  We are very open to our customers renting the use of our farm and its facilities for a day or a weekend to carry out a festival, carnival or sports meet that is open to the general public and results in a healthy invigorating activities for the whole family, whether for a few hours, an afternoon or the weekend.

Through this duality of purpose, we believe that our fresh, local, organic food produced on farms using sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment and provide ecological stewardship will give our society the greatest benefit and make us a truly responsible business.

We look forward to your participation with us!
Hisham Moharram, PhD.
Founder and CEO,
Good Tree Farm of New Egypt.

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